Reedvalve II Gold Edition

My original reed valve mod has worked out great, but wasn't quite perfect. Made quickly with whatever I had about the shop the seal wasn't completely air tight. Getting a little lube under the valve helped this a lot, but still wasn't the best.

In the Fleshlight Forums WorkingMan suggested using a replacement One-way O2 Valve designed for CPR masks. Well, since the Fleshlight STR Gold came with another case reguardless I decided to give this idea a shot and ordered a couple versions of these valves from CPR Pro in Canada (thanks defek8 for the link). I got a 2050D ($2.50 USD) and a 2050CR ($5.00 USD). The two valves are nearly identical and either will work fine. I used the 2050CR for my cap simply because when playing around with it the cheaper valve seemed to be much louder when closing (a kind of pop sound). Other then that the two valves are 99.9% identical and either will work for this mod just as well as the other. -The white filter disk on the 2050CR isn't attached at all, despite the picture showing them together. Shipping to the US took about three weeks from order to door.

This time the mod was far, far easier. Really it's just drill a hole, glue in valve, go to town. The seal is perfect.

For my own I actually used a ream to fit the valve in as an air tight press fit, partly because I could but mostly because I can't find my damn hot glue gun.

The valves and virgin gold cap:
My original reedvalve mod, the finished FL Gold Reedvalve, and the o-ring that makes it all the better valve or not: