FleshLight retaining ring mod

A few have tried using rubber bands or such around the grove of the Fleshlight in order to try and make the enterance a bit tighter. Among other problems, this also makes the insert pull out of the case much more easier. Also, even when not using a band the massively extra suction from the reedvalve mod I did combined with an O-ring on the end cap creates an odd effect where the insert easily gets pushed past the ring into the case. This mod should fix that problem as well.

As you may have noticed the body of the Fleshlight case is really two parts, the outer shell and a seperate retaining ring that seems to be press fit into place (no glue on mine at least).
Using the original ring as a guide I used a scroll saw to cut out a new ring out of 1/4" polycarbonate ($0.50 scrap piece from Tap Plastics) with a new hole with about a 3/8" tighter radius.

To make sure it would fit tight I cut the outside a hair larger then the original, drilled a 1/2" hole in the center, loaded it into my 1/2" polishing disk chuck, and spun it in a drill against sand paper until it fit nice and snung (I didn't want to have to glue it).
The finished FleshLight case.